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Mike Ellison

Executive Artist & Chief Creative


Tommy Onyx

Web & Multimedia Craftsman

About Mike

Mike Ellison is an actor, music and spoken word recording artist, and an Emmy® Award winning producer. Born to parents living and working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia before the family relocated to Reston, Virginia where he was raised, Mike fully realized himself as an interdisciplinary artist in Detroit. Also known as MIKE-E, his independent music projects include AFROFLOW I, AFROFLOW II and FLYTANIUM, along with popular singles released in Ethiopia and Rwanda, and collaborations with several international artists. Mike’s acting credits span film, theater and television, with recent appearances on CHICAGO PD, CHICAGO FIRE and BMF.

Mike created and headlined the AFROFLOW Tour in partnership with American Cancer Society. Utilizing music and community engagement to encourage cancer prevention and tobacco cessation among youth populations disproportionately targeted by the industry, the groundbreaking US national tour endured for seven years.

With a Communications Degree from the University of Virginia, Mike began his career in sports marketing and public relations. He’s utilized the creative arts as a vehicle for cultural collaboration and charitable endeavors throughout the United States and his birth country. Mike’s father, the late journalist Bob Ellison, was the first African American president of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

About Tommy

Tommy Onyx is a musician, creative-coder, risk-taker and non-alcoholic beer + blockchain enthusiast. He moved to Detroit from Boston in 1988 and soon came to local prominence as keyboard player with the Alt Rock band The Charm Farm. Throughout the 1990s he served as the Music Director for the techno group Inner City. Onyx has also done world tours as the Music Director for E Dancer and Norma Jean Bell. He was nominated for Outstanding Electronic Writer/Producer in 2000 (Detroit Music Awards.) He is best known as the producer of Inner City’s 1999 remix of Good Life, which made #10 on the UK Singles Chart.

Outside of his entrepreneurial dance moves, Tommy enjoys practicing the guitar, eating his wife’s delicious Indonesian cuisine, and spending time with his three lovely daughters and beloved dog.